The tale I am about to narrate began on a day brimming with the usual hum of creativity at the co-working space we meet. It was here that Sumit and I found ourselves weaving an itinerary so personalized to my needs that what transpired in those seven minutes blew both our minds. Each minor tweak in the input led to the Large Language Model (LLM) further refining the itinerary, outclassing even what a professional had drafted. That moment was nothing short of an epiphany, marking the true birth of mPrompto in our minds.

How it began

Our venture into the world of AI was not a sudden leap, but a gradual immersion. The seeds of LLM were sown during our introduction to ChatGPT, and further nurtured after experiencing the new way AI aided browsing using Microsoft Edge’s chat feature. Then the whole story took a significant turn when Sumit, mPrompto’s co-founder, visited the Microsoft office in January 2023. He came back with treasure trove of experience and an insight that we both agreed as our future path. That visit plunged us both into an exhilarating journey of understanding LLM’s and their capabilities, eventually leading us to mould a B2B friendly application philosophy rooted in this wondrous technology.

Every day since that of epiphany has been a saga of relentless learning and applying those learnings in the world of AI. There hasn’t been a single day when we haven’t learnt something new, applied our learnings, or admired an absolute paradigm changing application from our contemporaries in the realm of generative AI.

Andrew Ng’s metaphor of AI as electricity further ignited a profound revelation in our minds. As we began to view the world through this new prism, the monumental shifts AI is catalysing in every sphere of life became clearly evident. However, we also identified a glaring lacuna in the common understanding of AI. Much like the comprehension of electricity transcends beyond merely using appliances, grasping AI’s potential extends far beyond its current applications. Imagine if we only saw electricity through the lens of gadgets like toasters or refrigerators. That limited view might have hidden the amazing possibilities that electricity has brought into our lives. Analogously, by understanding AI solely through the lens of its applications, we risk a myopic understanding that hides its true transformative potential. The applications are but the tip of the iceberg, a mere glimpse into the vast expanse of possibilities that AI holds. AI, like electricity, has the potential to reshape our world and lead us into an exciting future full of new possibilities.

Path ahead

As our voyage progressed, Sumit and I naturally veered towards a vertical focused on augmenting customer interactions and bridging the gap between the vision of senior management and the execution by employees in a B2B setup. The world of AI unfurled a plethora of use cases before us, ranging from Predictive Analytics to Enhanced CRM systems, Automated Customer Support, and beyond. Although we embarked on a specific vertical, our vision is not bounded by just that, we continue with zeal to explore further.

While we’ve articulated our strategic roadmap in our recently published research paper, we’re committed to maintaining a jargon-free dialogue around AI. We’ve initiated a proprietary tool-building process (currently under patent) that we believe will significantly set us apart from our peers. A cornerstone of our insights throughout this journey has been the notion of ‘Responsible Human in the Loop’, which we see as the bedrock of a resilient AI system in a B2B environment. The harmonious blend of human insight with AI’s analytical might is guiding us on a path towards operational superiority. This core philosophy is intricately woven into the fabric of all the products we’ve developed.

As I reflect upon our journey, a profound sense of gratitude envelops me towards the tireless AI researchers and leaders. The endeavours of stalwarts in generative AI like Anthropic and Open AI are the guiding stars in our voyage. The tools and knowledge they provide serve as catalysts, propelling our journey into the captivating realm of AI. Sumit and I are like streams in the vast ocean of dreamers and doers, standing at the threshold of a revolution, flowing with the current. As we delve deeper, we realize that the narrative of mPrompto is just one thread in the expansive and intricate tapestry of AI’s impact on the business domain and beyond.

With this in mind, my intention is to initiate a series of dialogues with you, the reader, where I aim to illuminate various AI concepts, delve into some fascinating applications within this multi-modal generative AI domain, and also provide a sneak peek into the exciting projects we are engrossed in.

Author – Ketan Kasabe, Co-founder: mPrompto