Smart Travel using AI and ChatGPT – OTOAI Convention 2023 , Kenya

Sumit receiving OTOAI momento from Himanshu Pati, Director of Kesari Travels

As a presenter invited to The Outbound Tour Operators Association of India (OTOAI) – 2023 Convention in Kenya I tried to shed light on the transformative power of data and the pivotal role of AI in the tourism industry. Showcasing travel inspiration demo from mPrompto , I emphasized on the significance of AI, particularly ChatGPT, in revolutionizing the travel planning process. You may find the presentation interesting as it delves into the world of AI, explaining the concepts of AI, ML, and Deep Learning, and highlights the capabilities of ChatGPT. It also addresses the need for controlling generative AI and the myths and realities associated with it. The presentation post further discusses the technique of Chain of Thought, which enables AI language models to emulate human-like thinking in problem-solving scenarios. I tried to explain facets of ChatGPT, such as embedding, prompt engineering, RAG, RLHF and fine-tuning, showcasing how these techniques enhance the model’s performance in understanding and generating travel-related content. The convention’s focus on leveraging AI and ChatGPT underscores their potential in shaping the future of smart tourism.. You can download the document from here Happy reading !! Author – Sumit Rajwade, Co-founder: mPrompto